Awesome Fall Fashion Trends For Women Over 40 01
Awesome Fall Fashion Trends For Women Over 40 01

42 Awesome Fall Fashion Trends For Women Over 40

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As much fun as clothing itself is, many women believe that adding accessories is where it really gets fun. Here are a few accessory trends springing up this year.

1. Feathers on hair accessories. While these can look ridiculous, when done properly, they can give a charming, elf-like look when done in a subtly toned headband with the feathers encircling the head like a laurel wreath.

2. Statement jewelry. No, it isn’t quite a throwback to the 80s, but the influence is definitely there. Statement jewelry is big, powerful, “notice me” jewelry, such as an enormous pendant or eye-catching earrings. This trend will most likely carry over into fall 2009 as well.

3. Movie star sunglasses. Big dark shades are as popular as ever this spring. Round frames are fresh looking, as are unusual takes on the classic Wayfarer design, such as white frames. But the classic tortoiseshell frame in a voluptuous, rounded off square is a style of sunglasses that looks to remain hot for a long time.

4. Hats. Hats are increasing in popularity for their ability to punctuate an outfit and set you apart from the crowd. A light or white straw fedora for summer over a lightweight blouse and jeans is a great look that most anyone can look good in.

5. Big, gorgeous handbags. While evenings do tend to require tiny, impractical bejeweled clutches, the rest of the time you can carry all your stuff in a substantial handbag in a tote style, or even an oversized “bowling bag” style. In classic dark leather, nothing looks better.