Stunning Winter Fashion Ideas For Christmas Party42
Stunning Winter Fashion Ideas For Christmas Party42

99 Stunning Winter Fashion Ideas For Christmas Party

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It’s the party season, where ladies get to show off their latest finery and gentlemen wear their best suave suits – all for the aim to dress to impress at the annual Christmas party at work. Be the belle of the ball this season ladies, with some of our 2010 fashion for Christmas parties tips.

Already, we have seen launched this season the Christmas party lines from House of Fraser and French Connection, designer brands that have the latest trends and fashions for the winter party season. Their exclusive lines host a great number of versatile styles from the prom dress to the 80’s cocktail dress, making available a style to suit all women, from the curvier woman to the petite lady.

Winter 2010, will see various dress styles from throughout the year make an appearance at the office Christmas party. A few of the most fashionable styles we have seen so far will make a comeback this season. Influenced by the 1970’s and 80’s, one shouldered dresses will be the cocktail dresses to define this season’s spirit of Christmas cheer and fun. Maxi dresses will also barge their way back onto the party scene for winter, but in shinier and darker fabrics. Tiered and ruffled prom dresses will bring the cute and feminine look to the annual office Christmas party, whilst a smarter and sleek look will arrive from snug fitting 50’s dresses with square necks.

As usual with the Christmas party season, we will see the well renowned little black dress daring to impress, but besides this favourite number, we are to this season see Jewel colours influence the fashion of the Christmas party. Jewel blues, purples and greens with a bright hue will brighten up the Christmas party dance floor this season, making many ladies the gem of the ball this season. Browns with a tint of white or pink are also set to revive Christmas party fashions, adding a softer look to evening wear. Furthermore, metallic colours in conjunction with softer browns and gold’s will make your outfit the sparkling centerpiece of the Christmas party!