Creative Wonderland Wedding Decoration Ideas For Winter19
Creative Wonderland Wedding Decoration Ideas For Winter19

99 Creative Wonderland Wedding Decoration Ideas For Winter

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Once upon a time, weddings were very simple events attended only by intimate friends and family members. Fuss-free, quick and without the fanfare, the most important thing is that two kindred souls have reached an understanding to be joined within church rites or under civil law. Nowadays, as the requirements of people with multi-faceted personalities and varying lifestyles come to the forefront, we are seeing more and more themed weddings happening around the world. One highly interesting theme is a winter wonderland wedding.

The perfect winter wedding is within your reach, with some planning and rigorous preparation. If your wedding date falls on a special occasion like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, then there is even more appealing colors, touches and decors you can use. Think about what you love about winter, and use some colors that reflect the occasion with which your altar date coincides with. Gold and red ornaments are suited for a winter wedding falling during the yuletide season, while red & burgundy can best epitomize the season of hearts and icy blue and white could give January an even more wintry feel.

You may get much inspiration by checking out winter wonderland wedding photos of famous celebrities like singer Christina Aguilera and actress Katherine Heigl on the internet or entertainment/bridal magazines. They left no stone unturned to ensure that their respective nuptials had an awesomely fabulous time amidst an ambiance straight out of a storybook or movie even a strong underlying mood that sweeps up your guests and carries them along.

In terms of popular color combinations for a winter wedding, you can never go wrong with classic white and blue table settings, which can look so elegant and alluring. You also need not have superstar bank accounts to pull it off. Simple yet stunning wedding reception table centerpieces featuring branches nicely arranged in tall, glass containers, or lots of candlelight or white and silver details can sweep the guests off their feet while ensuring really special wedding memories for you and your new partner in life.