Amazing Wedding Fashion Trends Ideas For Winter 201902
Amazing Wedding Fashion Trends Ideas For Winter 201902

99 Amazing Wedding Fashion Trends Ideas For Winter 2019

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Brides get married at all times of the year, and yet it seems like almost all of the wedding gowns you see are strapless or sleeveless. For many women, there is an easy solution to this problem: choose your favorite gown and then accent it with a cozy cover-up. From wraps to shrugs to boleros, these are some of the most fabulous cover ups for fall and winter brides.

One thing that you really have on your side this year is fashion. Much more than in recent years, the wedding gown designers have been showing dresses with matching cover-ups. This makes finding one significantly easier than in the past. This trend benefits not only cold weather brides, but also those who need to meet certain modesty requirements for their ceremonies. A jacket can be paired with a strapless gown to make it appropriate for a marriage ceremony held in a church or synagogue, and then it can be removed to create a totally different look for the wedding reception.

This leads to another point: there are some cases in which the bride is seeking outerwear to get her from car to building and others in which the bride wants a fabulous cover-up that she can wear with her gown, possibly for the entire wedding. If want you want is outerwear, you might choose a more loose fitting garment, such as an ivory velvet cape (gorgeous for a holiday wedding!). When the wrap is going to be worn during the ceremony, however, it must look as though it is a part of the gown, and not distract from any details on the dress.

Small fitted jackets like shrugs and boleros are one of the most popular options for bridal cover-ups this season. Many of the top designers were showing them with their bridal gowns. This style is wonderful because it fits closely to the torso, so it will not add any bulk, and it is short enough not to obscure any of the special details on your gown. A bolero can be created from a matching fabric to the gown, such as a silk satin or mikado, or it can be a sheer accent like lace or organza. The lace boleros are particularly lovely, as are those with couture details like oversized organza ruffles. For jackets with high necklines, it is best to omit a necklace and instead accessorize with a standout pair of Swarovski bridal earrings. If you need to cover your arms and shoulders for religious purposes, consult with your officiant, as a sheer jacket may not suffice.