Inspiring Angled Bob Hairstyles Ideas41
Inspiring Angled Bob Hairstyles Ideas41

99 Inspiring Angled Bob Hairstyles Ideas

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Summer months are the perfect time you go in for the big chop, and even if it isn’t summer there’s no disputing the fact that you can look completely different with a new hairstyle. In some ways a new hairstyle is very therapeutic. If you are feeling low for some reason, you can indeed get a haircut to make you feel good about yourself. If you don’t know it yet, let us tell you that the short angled bob hairstyle is back in fashion. Here are some fashionable short angled bob hairstyles you can try out on yourself.

The flipped out look

Let’s begin with a hairstyle that looks awesome and is super easy to create and maintain. To get it done you will need to wash and moisturise your hair first. Thereafter by making use of brush that is flat or round smooth out your hair. After this, take small sections of your hair and with the help of a flat iron bend the ends of the hair upwards. When you are done, keep it in place using a spray. This hairstyle will look excellent on long faces.

The vintage look

For a party, nothing works like a good vintage look. A short angled bob need not always be worn down, you can wear it up too like this hairstyle we are going to be talking about now. You will need to begin with dry hair. Take out the front section of your hair neatly and secure it on either sides of your head behind the ears. With the help of a one inch curling iron, curl out the rest of your hair. If your bob is short you will not need to pin up the curls, but if you are slightly on the longer side, pin up some of the curls. To give finishing touches to this hairdo, backcomb a little at the roots of your hair. If you want the back of your hair to look messy, try applying some hair powder to keep the look in place. This hairstyle will look good on any face type.

The sophisticated diva

Are you looking for a hairdo that is stylish and yet demure? We recommend you try out the bob with a finish that has been smoothed out. To begin you will need to work with hair that is about 70 per cent dry. By making use of a round brush or a medium brush and your blow dryer smooth out sections of hair. Make sure you flip out the ends of your hair to complete the look. To keep your hair and add the extra shine to your hair, add just a dash of Moroccan oil. This hairstyle will not take much time for those who hair naturally smooth and silky hair. Those who have a problem with the frizz in their hair, will need to use a bit more of any hair gel. Although anybody can try out this hairstyle, it will suit a round face better.