Adorable Diy Nail Art Designs Ideas33
Adorable Diy Nail Art Designs Ideas33

99 Adorable Diy Nail Art Designs Ideas

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The first step is to learn about the right DIY nail art products to use and how to apply them. Here are a few basic tips to help you get started.

Nail art striping tape

Essentially, this is the art of using striping tape to create neat and pretty lines on your polished nail. You will need a few DIY products to get startedstriping tapegood quality nail polish, good quality top coat of your choice, some tweezers and a pair of scissors. General, you need to follow a few steps, but the good news is that you can watch free how to video online for practice.

Nail art dotting tool

This is used to make fancy dot or circle designs. There are several nail art dotting tools to pick from, most of them are pen lick structure or brush with difference sizes depending on your choice of designs. To get best effect, you want to try them out on a thick paper first for practice.

Transfer foil

Not much products is needed to do the foil transfer nail, all you need is glue, stamper applicator and a roll of foil. The procedure is not difficult either. Again, they are several YouTube videos you can watch for practice.