Casual Beard Styles Ideas For Men To Try Now 41
Casual Beard Styles Ideas For Men To Try Now 41

99 Casual Beard Styles Ideas For Men To Try Now

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Our society has lost something meaningful concerning Men’s Beard Styles. The rich depth and history of facial hair has been forgotten. No longer is there the proper appreciation for a finely grown and groomed Beard Style. There are small segments of society that still recognize the value of a perfectly trimmed mustache and the strength and power of a thick, full beard, however, society at large has turned away. Why, why has it turned away? Because the essence of facial hair has been compromised. Rarely do we see facial hair that is an asset to a man anymore. There is a decent amount of men who will grow a goatee or a beard but they will wear it haphazardly and look sloppy. All Beard Styles are a gift given to us to enhance and display our very character. Growing a specific facial hair style used to be a committed process, a process that involved much consideration and dedication. When a man went through that process properly he proudly wore his new look for it spoke of his inner manhood and commanded respect.

By short cutting that process short the very integrity and meaning of facial hair has been thrown away. No longer does a goatee or a mustache gain the respect they used to. Now they are just accessories rather than windows into a man’s soul. Rather than fighting to regain the prowess of properly worn facial hair we have slowly accepted its demise. Now the norm is a cleanly shorn face and it is even required to shave in certain job fields.

Grown men walk by youngsters with ridiculous looking wispy hairs dangling from their faces and say nothing. There was time when those wayward youths would’ve been pulled aside in a caring manner and directed down a better path. The path of integrity and commitment. Sadly, that time is gone and we see it affecting all parts of society, not just men and their facial hair. If we (and by “we” I mean the older generation) want to reclaim the value of something that was once so regal we must become active. Sitting around and complaining about how the younger generation is falling apart and disrespectful is a waste of time. We must engage them, not to just rebuke but to instruct and encourage.

The state in which facial hair and our society now lies can be corrected. It won’t be easy because we the experienced, wise members of society have, for the most part, sat idly by and watched. Now is the time to rise up and make a difference. Let us not turn our backs fully on beard styles or our society, let us fight. Fight to regain the integrity that once was, our sons, grandsons and the world will be forever grateful.