Best Infinity Scarf Ideas To Try This Year 03
Best Infinity Scarf Ideas To Try This Year 03

99 Best Infinity Scarf Ideas To Try This Year

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There are tons of ways on how to wear an infinity scarf. All you really need is to have some sense of creativity in you. It is very easy, really. After all, it is basically just like any regular scarf, just without the unnecessary hassle with the ends.

Four Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

As a Shawl

Since it is basically just like an ordinary scarf, except for the fact that it is circular and there are no ends, you can also wear it just like any other shawl. Just make sure that you have one that is larger or longer because otherwise, you cannot use a smaller one and wear it as a shawl. Having the right size or length, you can easily wear it on your shoulders as you would with a traditional shawl. If you are feeling bolder and more creative, you can also even wear it only on one shoulder and then wear the other side draped down. That would look a lot sexier and more modern than usual.

As a Hood

This one is more of an urban chic approach to an infinity scarf. This kind of style is a really updated version of the typical scarf. All you have to do is place it around your head, then twist and loop it back over your head for a headscarf/neck scarf variation that is insanely fashionable. What is actually great about this is you do not have to bother with the loose ends messily dangling around your neck or on your shoulder. Using an infinity scarf as a hood results into having a much cleaner effect. With one go, you can save yourself from having to readjust it every so often like what normally happens with using a regular scarf.

As a Turtleneck

This look is perfect for a chilly spring day or even during the cold months of winter. Not only will you be looking ever so stylish, you will also be as warm and comfortable with your usual winter scarf. Many celebrities are seen wearing this trend and they make it more fabulous than it already is. This is an easy trick. You just have to make several loops to give the infinity scarf more of a turtleneck look and fitted to your neck. It really is as easy as that. With a regular scarf, you still have to cleanly style it in a way that the ends would not hang messily around your neck. But with an infinity scarf, you can be lazy and just arrange it in loops atop of each other.