Pretty Shoulder Length Hairstyles Ideas For Summer 38
Pretty Shoulder Length Hairstyles Ideas For Summer 38

99 Pretty Shoulder Length Hairstyles Ideas For Summer

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Popular Short Hairstyles for Summer


The bob is a classic cut that is elegant and timeless but offers modern appeal because of it’s wide versatility. There are many directions you can take your bob and this is one cut that looks bad on very few. You can have bangs or not, go with a side part, an inverted stacked bob, a stacked bob…you get the picture. The bob is an endless parade of possibilities and almost all of them are beautiful. You can even choose varying lengths for your bob as well. This hairstyle is all about the line of the cut though so an excellent stylist is a must.


Summertime is the time to pull out all stops and sassy layers are an excellent way to provide a bit of volume, lift, and femininity to your short hairstyle. Let your confidence show and see what sort of layered do you can come up with for your summer hair.

Razor Haircut

This great short haircut is flirty and feminine and once again comes loaded with options. There is never a one size fits all policy when it comes to short hairstyles. If you are a little hesitant to about some of the shorter style choose a layered look that allows longer and shorter sections for great overall appeal.

So there you have it. Short hairstyles are definitely in when it comes to dealing with the heat of a hot summer sun. These looks are not only practical but also a lot of fun to wear. So try some out and show off your style to all your friends.