Stunning Wedding Centerpieces Ideas That Amaze You Now 44
Stunning Wedding Centerpieces Ideas That Amaze You Now 44

99 Stunning Wedding Centerpieces Ideas That Amaze You Now

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By now, you’ve probably decided what your wedding theme is. If you have not, here are some basic wedding themes: rustic wedding, beach wedding, ethnic wedding, country wedding, romantic wedding, over the top wedding etc. You centerpieces should also take into consideration the season you decide to have your wedding. When looking for your wedding table centerpiece ideas, you should take into consideration not only on the level of formality, but how your food is going to be served, a buffet, a sit down dinner, or hors devours being served by a waiters. To make this easy, I have divided the article into seasons and different levels of formality.

Spring Table Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Flowers, flowers, flowers! Spring is all about blossoming flowers. Flowers in seasons are at their cheapest so make sure you use flowers that are in season when getting married in the spring (or any other time!). Mixing several kinds of flowers with complimenting colors add texture and luster to your event. Flowers can be a single flower in a clear vase or a cluster of flowers with rhinestones in a tall table wedding tree centerpiece. Birds and birds nests on wedding trees are also an elegant touch. For outdoor weddings, you may consider brightly colored topiaries.

If you’re not into flowers, another option is fruits in season arranged artistically on vases or a silver campote. Fruits presented like flower arrangements can be a beautiful alternative.

Pebbles as a base for votive candles are great alternative for adding natural elements. I do not recommend sand, as sand can get into food, especially on outdoor wedding reception sites. Speaking of natural, don’t forget greens like grass, bamboo or moss.