Awesome Summer Themed Bridal Shower Ideas That Easy To Try 47
Awesome Summer Themed Bridal Shower Ideas That Easy To Try 47

99 Awesome Summer Themed Bridal Shower Ideas That Easy To Try

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Themed bridal showers are popular but choosing a theme can be nerve-wracking. When choosing a bridal shower theme, keep a few things in mind. Consider the bride’s personality. Is she more of a conventional bride or does she enjoy quirky things? Think about the guests of the bridal shower. A shower that is for older relatives should be more traditional than a shower that is for contemporary friends. Bridal showers can be for women or may be co-ed. Here is a list of some of the most creative ideas for bridal shower themes.

Vegas Theme
A Vegas casino theme is a fun party theme that is easy to pull off. Use decorations that create the look of a real casino such as neon lights, plastic palm trees, and make the tables look like real gaming tables using green cloth. Choose brightly coloured drinks and use poker chips, dice, and cards to decorate. This theme has a good luck message built right in!

Kentucky Derby Theme
This is a really fun theme for a couple who are horse-lovers. Create a day filled with the same types of traditions that you’ll find at a premier horse race such as the Kentucky Derby. For décor, think of using a lot of flowers, either fresh or fake. Bright colours are very important to make the theme shine. Place plenty of replica horses around the room. Make race programs and have a taped race playing on the television. Serve traditional mint juleps.

Mardi Gras Theme
Recreate Bourbon Street with a Mardi Gras themed bridal shower. The theme is a fun and wild one. Décor is easy – think about colourful flowers, beads, masks, and feathers in traditional colours of red, purple, and gold. Serve Cajun food like gumbo or jambalaya. For beverages, choose bright drinks such as the hurricane.