Lovely Long Cardigan Ideas For Fashionable Women To Copy Right Now02
Lovely Long Cardigan Ideas For Fashionable Women To Copy Right Now02

36 Lovely Long Cardigan Ideas For Fashionable Women To Copy Right Now

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A long cardigan is a great item to have for the winter. There are many different types of cardigan styles to choose from. Below are some of the best ones that I would recommend looking for this winter.

Long cardigan coat

The long cardigan coat is basically a cardigan that is thicker than the normal long cardigans. Normally, the cardigan is very thin. It looks good because it drapes your body and still allows you to show off your curves. However, the cardigan coat is slightly different. It is made of a bit thicker material. For women in the warmer winter areas, you can substitute your regular winter coat for this type of coat. For women in the east coast and in colder climates, you can wear this coat in the Spring or Fall when the weather is a bit warmer, but still pretty cold. The great thing about this type of cardigan coat is that it is very soft. It wraps around your body more snugly than a regular coat. Plus, lots of times, it feels a lot better than wearing a normal coat because the material is more flexible and soft.

Long cardigan wrap

The cardigan wrap is basically a cardigan that falls longer in front and allows the person to tie it around their body like a wrap. The great thing about this is that you can wear this type of cardigan in the normal way or you can wrap it around your body if you are cold or want to wear something more form fitting. When you tie it around your body, it becomes a whole different look from leaving it hanging. If you want to just leave it hanging, the look is very cute as well. Plenty of stores carry this wrap including Bebe, BCBG and Nordstrom’s. Look for it in stores that sell trendier items.

Chunky long cardigan

One final style is the chunky long cardigan. This type can be worn a little more like a jacket. Oftentimes, this type of coat has a built in tie in the center that allows you to tie the cardigan around your waist. This makes the cardigan more flattering. A good chunky cardigan is normally a bit more expensive than regular cardigans since it is comprised of more details such as the built in tie.

There are many choices for you to choose from if you are looking for a long cardigan so make sure you shop around before you buy.